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Welcome to your unique Retreat on Mallorca

Retreats Mallorca offers Soul Retreats which are held in a sacred field created by unique high vibrational Tao Calligraphy transformative Art, all originals by the world renowned Tao Master and Healer, Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha.

During a Soul Retreat the participants can experience a profund connection and alignment with their own Soul, Soul Wisdom and powerful Soul Practices, Soul Light Yoga, Soul Movement and more… all guided by experienced and well trained certified Master Teachers (or those to be) of the Tao Academy in Toronto, which is the only spiritual university of that kind in the entire world.

The magnificent venue Casa Wald provides a wonderful space as well as high vibrant and pure nourishment so that each Soul Retreat can be truly a Sanctuary for the Soul, Heart, Mind and Body.

Our retreats are a heavenly opportunity to withdraw from the busy 3D world, to focus on the soul, invoke the soul powers, to relax, heal, replenish, rejuvenate, uplift and evolve. 

We offer a space where experienced Tao Healers accompany the guests in their own soul- healing and transformation process with spiritual readings, Akasha Record Readings, Tao Healings, guidance for nutritions and more…

We offer retreats designed with heavens guidance and support and our onsite team is dedicated to serve all participants from the heart to have the most fulfilling experiences and sacred soul time.

Our Retreats are family friendly and for openhearted and openminded people who wish to explore, connect, harmonise and contribute to radiate their inner wellbeing to their families, communities, this island and planet earth.

We are honoured to unite and serve together to bring Love, Peace and Harmony to each individual and the global soul family. 

Magical Accommodation

You can choose from different kinds of accommodations, beautifully designed for your individual needs.

Your Teachers

All leading teachers at the Soul Retreats have accomplished ten years Tao Studies with Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha at the Tao Academy Toronto.

They have received profound training for their Spiritual Channels and have been certified as Direct Soul Communicators and Akashic Record Readers. 

They have passed Trainings as Soul Teachers and Healers and received profound permanent spiritual healing powers and tools that they apply at all Soul Retreats to serve  the participants in every aspect of life and the Soul Journey.  

Retreat Amenities

Casa Wald is a space for all kinds of retreats. As a house more than 150 years old, Casa Wald has a variation in types of rooms and apartments in style and size. For ceremonies there is a beautiful Bell Tent. Casa Wald has its own water and an osmosis water filter system for drinking water – you can refill your bottles for free at any time! The pool is ready to dive in – not heated though. The organic and home grown vegetables as well as home made bread and eggs from the chicken on site will be available for you. Enjoy fresh made vegan and vegetarian breakfast/brunch & dinner under the pepper tree at the beautiful terrace. You can chill and relax at various places. Come and experience transformation!

Pleaces to Chill & Relax
Refreshing Pool
Outdoor Yoga