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Magdalena Kusch

Leading Teacher at Mallorca Soul Retreats and Team Coordinator

Certified Master Teacher, Certified Akasha Records Reader, Certified Direct Soul Communicator, Love Peace Harmony Ambassador, Tao Calligraphy Artist, Tao Healing Hands Ambassador, Soul Dance and Soul Song Healer, all by the Tao Academy in Toronto.

Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, Psychologist

I was born in Poland and immigrated to Germany in my early childhood where I lived with my parents and my three brothers for the most part of my life.

I work in the healing field since 2004 and I constantly continue to educate my self in fields that make my heart dance.

First I served as a Psychologist at the Charité Berlin where I was involved in scientific research about Life Quality.

As I was always passionate about alternative healing methods, I explored Ayurvedic Medicine, Vedic Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Beside Psychology, I studied Yoga, Tao, Tao Calligraphy Healing Art as well as Tao Science.

I travelled the world, mainly for spiritual studies and I lived in an Ashram in South of India for three months.

I am delighted to apply all that I have ever learned including from high level masters in different fields…

Since my early twenties I have practiced Yoga and I studied the following styles with the following teachers:

  • Anusara Yoga with, Vilas and Lalleshavari and John Friend
  • Jivamukti Yoga with David Life and Sharon Gannon
  • Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh
  • Power Yoga with Bryan Kest
  • Tao Yoga with Max Strom
  • Hormone Yoga with Dinah Rodrigues

I teach Yoga since 2006 and I am also a certified Yoga Teacher for children.

In 2010 I founded “Soul Light Yoga”, which unifies the ancient Yoga practices and techniques with Tao Healing Methods and principles of Tao Science and Soul Healing.

I have been training healers since 2013 and have been supporting small and larger companies in their building and development process since my early twenties.

At Mallorca Soul Retreats I am very honoured to serve as the leading teacher and coordinator of the team.

Love and Peace

Gloria Kraft

Leading Teacher at Mallorca Soul Retreats

Certified Soul Teacher, Certified Akasha Records Reader, Certified Direct Soul Communicator, Love Peace Harmony Ambassador, Tao Calligraphy Artist, Tao Healing Hands Practitioner, and Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, all by the Tao Academy in Toronto.

Born and raised in Germany my father had a training research company and I started very early in life to learn about the body, fitness, nutrition, and how to live a healthy life.

For more than half of my life I am researching new healing modalities, herbs, superfoods, therapeutic foods, functional medicine, and much more.

I highly believe that we have been given everything we need to heal ourselves.

For me, healing is a form of lifestyle, because our bodies heal and repair themselves every day. It is a matter of our own blockages, nutrition, how we live, everything we consume, and the toxins we are exposed to.

Due to my own challenges in health I have tried many healing modalities, like Reiki, energy healing, mindfulness practices, shamanism and more. But nothing of this got to the root cause of my issues.

Later in my life I was very lucky to learn about the true nature of life: our soul.

In Tao Science, we’re shown that information is the soul and the soul is the BOSS. Soul leads heart, heart leads mind, mind leads energy, and energy leads the physical matter.

When we can shift it on a soul level, we can transform it on every level.

This is how I could transform my challenges at the root level where everything comes from.

That is why I am combining science and evidence-based healthcare with ancient healing techniques.

I am very happy and honored to serve you at Mallorca Soul Retreats!

Love and Light